Liner, Fiberglass, or Gunite Custom Backyard Pool?

Different materials can be used to build your custom backyard pool. This fact brings about the question of which material is the best? Which type is going to accommodate your lifestyle? When it comes to upscale swimming pools, there are a number of options available to you that you can discuss with yourPeachtree City pool company.

Comparing the Types of Pools

A vinyl swimming pool is going to be the least expensive option. A liner pool can be different shapes and sizes, but it is more limited to cookie cutter shapes. They also tend to not have as many built-in features except for the steps.

The next option is the fiberglass swimming pool. This type of pool gives you more flexibility when it comes to built-in features. These pools are also limited in size because the pool shell must be transported to the installation site. Fiberglass pools are also more limited to what is prefabricated at the factory

The third option is the gunite or concrete swimming pool. This is your more pliable pool option because it can be customized to any size or shape. You get an extensive amount of built-in features, such as waterfalls and fountains. You can also attach a spa and integrate seating, tables, infinity edges, and swim-up bars. The possibilities are endless. All of these possibilities can be built into the gunite design. Gunite/concrete pools can also be built in practically any yard because of the size and shape possibilities.

So here you have a rundown of the different types of pools to consider. It all comes down to what you want your pool to do for you. If you want the high level of customization, then a gunite pool is going to give you that. If you need a small pool with a great number of features, gunite will give you that.

Ask A Custom Backyard Pool Builder

If you are still wondering which type of pool would be ideal for you, you can ask your pool designer what is available and how each will work with your ideas. You can also ask what will work best for your yard. Shane LeBlanc is an experienced pool designer who can help you make this decision. When opting for a luxury pool, you want nothing but the best.

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