6 Water Features Your Pool Builder Atlanta Can Add

There are some fantastic water features your pool builder Atlanta can integrate into your outdoor living environment. Whether you want to have a new pool installed or you want a pool remodel that will enhance your backyard environment, water features provide you with an audible and aesthetically pleasing effect that can calm the senses.

Swimming Pool Water Features

The following are some luxury pool water features that you can have integrated into your swimming pool:


Waterfalls add a little something extra to the swimming pool area. You can opt for a natural stone waterfall that is made from local stone . You can even opt for artificial stone that looks natural. It deoends on your preference and budget, but, of course, you want something that is going to look the way that you envision.

You can go for a lagoon style or you may want waterfalls that form pools. This visual element is amazing, as it gives you the illusion that you are in some exotic location rather than your back yard.

Deck Jets

This is a fun feature that many people in Atlanta enjoy. These jets shoot water from the deck into the pool. They do have to be properly placed in order to perform correctly. Fiber-optic lighting can be used to illuminate them in an effort to create personality .

Fountains and Fountain Bubblers

Think of fountain bubblers as mini geysers. Kids love them and the price is quite low. However, you can also integrate different types of fountains in or around the pool. If you want a fountain in the center, you can have a fountain in the center. If you want a fountain as a part of your landscaping, it can be done.


Whether you are looking to have a pool installed or you already have a pool, adding a spa makes the area even more luxurious. In fact, a hot tub can have some healing elements to it because of the massage, buoyancy, and heat aspects. Both physical and mental health benefit.

Resistance Jets

Resistance jets are great for when you want to exercise in the pool. They produce an endless current that you can swim against, giving you the illusion of continuous swimming in one direction. Instead of laps, you remain in the same place.


While not an actual water feature like a fountain or a hot tub, a waterslide is great for children and adults to enjoy. Slides can be integrated into stonework or it can stand on its own. It is best to have a waterslide professionally installed by a pool builder Atlanta because of local safety guidelines and building codes.

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