Hilltop Pools Need Special Consideration

The idea of building a swimming pool on a hilltop overlooking a magnificent view is appealing to many people. But in reality, most hilltop pools need special consideration and they can be very expensive.

Nevertheless, with the right pool builder, hillside pools can be stunning especially when they incorporate water features like waterfalls and vanishing edges.

Location of Hilltop Pools

It might seem like a no-brainer, but true hilltop pools do need to be located at, or near, the top of hills. However, the same (or at least a similar) effect can be achieved on just about any sloping ground as long as it has a view.

Ultimately, key elements for any hilltop pools include the level of the slope and the view.

Challenges of Building Hilltop Pools

Structural problems and access are the greatest challenges when it comes to constructing swimming pools on hilltops or steep slopes. In fact, the challenges are very similar to those faced when building houses on hills or sloping land.

Even if there is already a house on the hilltop property, and a driveway has been built for access to the house, this may not be sufficient to take the weight of heavy trucks and trailers. So, if the site of the pool is not easily accessible, it may be necessary to move materials and equipment with a crane.

Generally, pools built into a slope below the top of a hill, are less challenging, but retaining walls are usually needed and these must be properly designed and constructed. The foundation of a pool built into a slope is also super-important.

The next challenge is the construction of the pool, which of course will relate to the design. Whatever type of pool you choose, a solid foundation will be key, and an engineer will most likely need to be involved in the project, particularly if the pool is going to be built into a slope.

When building anything on a slope, settling can be a problem, and if the pool has not been properly built, this can lead to cracking of the pool shell.

Best Pool Designs for Hilltop Pools

One of the most popular designs for hilltop pools and pools built on sites that slope away from the house are infinity pools. The spillover on the far side of the pool creates the impression that the water goes on forever, merging with the surroundings, into infinity.

Hilltop pool designs can also incorporate the most spectacular waterfalls, both natural in effect, and totally staged.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to have a hilltop home built on a reasonably sized plateau that has a great view, as long as access isn’t a problem, you won’t face the usual challenges of hillside pools. In fact, there may be even fewer challenges than on a slightly sloping property in a valley!

If you live in Georgia and have a hilltop property, Shane LeBlanc of Georgia Pools will be able to give you some good, innovative ideas. Georgia Pools specializes in fiberglass and concrete pools, both of which are suitable for hillside pools, depending on location and ground levels. Call 678-519-1501 today to organize a free consult.

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