Brooks, GA Custom Pool Builders

Whether you’ve lived in Brooks for decades or have recently bought or built your first house in this lovely, little rural town, if you’re in the market for a spa and/or swimming pool, you need a top-rated company that is affordable and reliable.

Maybe you have a clear-cut vision of what you want. Or maybe you want a professional designer who will give you ideas and produce a creative design to meet your needs.

Either way, Georgia Pools is a leading custom pool builder operating in Brooks that you can rely on and trust. The company specializes in affordable shotcrete and fiberglass designs that are as simple or complex as you want.

The Best Custom Pools For Brooks, GA Homes

There’s never a one-size-fits-all solution on offer from Georgia Pools. Rather, the company specializes in custom swimming pools that meet the needs and desires of individual customers.

In many instances, Brooks properties allow homeowners a wide choice of options in terms of the size, shape, and style of swimming pool and/or spa. In others, the site might be sloping or restricted in part, which adds to the challenge of a creative design.

Your first step will be to discuss your requirements and preferences with a Georgia Pools consultant. This is a free service the company offers and it will give you a good idea of what you can opt for within your personal budget.

Important Points For Discussion

  • What is your primary reason for building a swimming pool? For exercise, cooling off in summer, to create a play area for friends and family, or to expand your outdoor entertainment space?
  • Which construction material do you prefer? Both fiberglass and concrete have their advantages.
  • What color do you want the interior surface of your pool to be? If you opt for a pool and a spa, the style and color finishes should be in keeping with one another.
  • What do you consider the best shape and size swimming pool for your outdoor space? The options are vast and varied, but practical considerations and aesthetics are both important.
  • What additional features do you want to incorporate in the pool design, if any? These range from water features to custom LED lighting inside the pool.

If yours is a difficult site, these issues will also be part of the initial discussion. Sloping ground, soil conditions, drainage, and existing features (including established trees) are all important as they might impact the design.

Georgia Pools is Ready to Design Your Perfect Pool in Brooks

Georgia Pools designs and builds affordable custom pools in Brooks. It doesn’t matter whether you know exactly what you want or need comprehensive advice, Georgia Pools is ready and willing to discuss the best options for your home environment.



My wife and I wanted to create a perfect place for our kids to play outdoors, and for us to entertain. Georgia Pools helped us design the perfect custom pool and patio combination. We absolutely LOVE it! Their team was very knowledgeable about the design and build process, and were very patient with us when we had any questions. It seems like their team was in and out! Now our family never leaves the back yard! Thanks Georgia Pools!

Grant M

Atlanta - Georgia

We have used one of Georgia Pools’ sister companies in the past to redesign our landscape. We decided that we were ready to incorporate a swimming pool to complete our back yard. Georgia Pools, working with their sister company, created the perfect pool design to fit right in with some of our existing hardscapes and water features. We absolutely love our back yard. Georgia Pools did an excellent job and made our backyard feel complete!

Marjorie T

Atlanta - Georgia

Britt helped us create the perfect pool for our back yard! They had ideas that I had never even considered. They came in, designed the project and completed it all very quickly. Their team was very professional and the construction didn’t totally disrupt our day to day activities! Shane, Britt and their team were amazing to work with. I do and will continue to recommend Georgia Pools to all of my friends and neighbors!

Tracy S

Atlanta - Georgia

Hey guys.  Appreciate all the hard work and awesome transformation you were able to create for us.  Happy to help with any recommendations (not that you need them) from these 2x happy customers.  The kids love the pool and we now have an excellent place to relax and entertain under our deck.  Also appreciate the intro to Dylan who has helped us start transforming the yard.

Drew & Nicki

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our pool. We love it. So many people have commented on how beautiful it is. We are so glad we chose you to make our backyard so pretty.

Larry & Twila