Custom Pool Builders in Moreland, GA

Whether you are new to the little town of Moreland or upgrading your property, the typically subtropical to continental climate makes the idea of a swimming pool appealing to many residents.

But, while a swimming pool will increase the value of your property, to safeguard your investment you need to find a reputable and reliable company that operates in the area.

Georgia Pools is an award-winning company that specializes in innovative pool design that will incorporate your most creative desires. The company offers a choice of fiberglass and concrete shotcrete pools.

Select the Best Pool For Your Moreland, GA Home

There’s a lot to consider when you decide to build a swimming pool and/or a hot-water spa. Size, style, location, and type are obvious considerations.

But you also need to consider function. Priorities for a pool intended for exercise will be different from those for a pool that will be the hub of the home for relaxation and entertaining.

Construction materials are also an important consideration. Two popular methods utilize concrete and fiberglass. Georgia Pools specializes in both.

Fiberglass vs Concrete

Georgia Pools offers two basic construction methods, shotcrete, which results in a custom-designed concrete shell, and one-piece, factory-molded fiberglass shells.

Fiberglass and concrete both have strong advantages, but they are very different construction methods. So, let’s compare the two.

Shape & Size 

Georgia Pools can design your concrete pool in any shape or size. The options are endless.

Fiberglass pools are limited by the molds Georgia Pools uses. However, the company offers an extensive choice of fiberglass pools that includes a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs.


Both fiberglass and concrete pools are strong and durable.

Georgia Pools’ fiberglass pools are backed by a lifetime structural warranty.

Shotcrete concrete pools are designed and engineered to specific plans. Reinforced steel rods, or rebar, maintain the shape of the pool. The shotcrete process, which involves blasting the concrete mix onto the steel, makes it infinitely strong – provided it is done correctly, to the engineer’s specifications.

Georgia Pools applies a waterproof finish to the interior, further adding to the durability of its concrete pools.

Interior Color

The waterproof finish Georgia Pools uses for concrete pools is available in a range of colors from blue and green to black. A stunning sparkling pearl finish is also available.

There are six types of solid-surface finish for fiberglass pools plus a popular white-coating gel.

The Georgia Pools Difference

It is vital to choose the right builder to build your Moreland swimming pool. Georgia Pools has a reputation for building pools that last a lifetime. The company will provide references if you wish to contact previous customers and discuss their pool-building experiences.

Contact the friendly team at Georgia Pools today for a free consultation.