It’s not just in the heat of summer that Turin residents enjoy their custom-built pools. When it is imaginatively designed, a swimming pool will add to the character and ambiance of your backyard. The sound and sight of water are also immensely appealing, even in the coldest weather.

Georgia Pools is a highly regarded, well-established pool company that has won many awards. The company operates in the town of Turin and specializes in affordable designs that don’t compromise on quality.

But how do you plan for a new custom swimming pool?

How to Choose the Best Custom Pool for Your Turin Home

Georgia Pools designs and builds shotcrete concrete and fiberglass pools in every possible size and style. There are so many options, it can be a bewildering experience for homeowners who don’t know a lot about pools. But chances are you do know what you like and the role you want your new pool to play in your outdoor space.

That’s why you need to take advantage of a free consultation offered by Georgia Pools. You will start the process by sitting down and discussing the options with a professional design consultant.

Whether you have a large property with several location options or a tiny yard that offers only one possible site, your consultant will talk you through the possibilities. Together you will decide on a potential plan of action.

Choose the Site 

The site that you choose should enhance the character and appeal of your house and garden. For practical reasons, it should also be accessible, though not necessarily right next to your house.

There is a lot to commend a pool that adds to an indoor-outdoor lifestyle. But there are homeowners who prefer to site their pools out of sight of the house, either for privacy, or to add an element of surprise or even secrecy.

Consider Shape & Style 

The possibilities relating to shape and style are infinite. But it’s important to note that shape has a major impact on style. Geometric shapes are generally formal, while irregular, more flowing shapes are informal.

It’s usually best to decide on the style of the outdoor space that will incorporate your swimming pool, and then decide on a shape. And once you’ve done that, you can decide on a construction method.

Decide on a Construction Method

The main advantage of shotcrete is that you can design your pool in any shape or size you like. With fiberglass, you are limited by the molds that are available. But Georgia Pools offers a very wide choice of both shape and size for fiberglass pools.

Both construction types are equally strong and durable. Fiberglass has the edge when it comes to maintenance though. Because the surface finish is so smooth, algae don’t stand a chance!

Look at Feature Options

Feature options relate both to style and the function of your swimming design in the greater scheme of things.

For instance, a waterfall that tumbles over a custom-made rockery will have a different effect to a sleek, stylish spillway, even though both are water features. And a patio built adjacent to your pool will potentially make your pool an outdoor living room.

Why Georgia Pools is Your Ideal Turin, GA Custom Pool Builder

The professional team at Georgia Pools will help you decide on the best custom pool for your Turin, GA home. Whether you have a good idea of what you want or not, why not schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs?