When you live in a small town like Madras, Georgia, you can be forgiven for wanting your home and garden to match up with the best of the best. If you don’t have a swimming pool, this is a great place to start.

But building a swimming pool is an important investment. This means that you need to choose the best possible custom pool builder to help you create your dream pool.

Done right, it will give you many years of pleasure and satisfaction and will add untold value to your property.

Georgia Pools is an award-winning custom swimming pool builder that operates in the town of Madras. The company offers a choice of pool construction methods and you can add just about any pool feature you might dream of, from a cascading rockery or high-spouting fountain to a diving board or tanning deck.

Choosing the Right Custom Swimming Pool for Your Home

We all like to put a personal stamp on our homes, and when it comes to decorating your interior or landscaping your garden, there is an enormous amount of scope.

But what about a new swimming pool?

Here are some elements you will need to assess before you can even think of dangling your feet in the water.


What do you want out of a swimming pool?

Do you want somewhere to cool off, a pool where you can get exercise by swimming lengths, or an outdoor feature that will  become the hub of your home in the warm summer months?


How much space do you have for a swimming pool?

Even if you have a very big property, you might not have much space to accommodate a pool because you already have an established vegetable garden, outdoor patio areas, and perhaps a shed that takes up most of your backyard.

If you are building, or have recently built a new home, you have the ideal opportunity to allocate space for different outdoor areas. A consultant from Georgia Pools will be able to help you and suggest what size pool will work for your home and garden.

Design & Style

There’s a lot of thought that needs to go into the design and style of any swimming pool. The basics will be determined by whether you want a formal, geometrically-shaped pool or one that has more natural informal lines. Optional features will add to the design and style, from adjacent rockeries and fountains to built-in ledges for seating and/or tanning.

The construction method you choose for your new pool will also have a profound effect on its design and style. Georgia Pools specializes in shotcrete and factory-molded fiberglass pools and spas.

The shotcrete method is used for any size or shape pool, while fiberglass pools are limited by the custom shapes that Georgia Pools manufactures. Both are extremely strong construction methods, and fiberglass is particularly easy to clean.

Ask Georgia Pools to Help You Decide

When it comes to building the very best custom-built swimming pool for your Madras home, you may just need some professional input. Georgia Pools has highly experienced consultants ready and waiting to help you decide on all the elements including size, design, and style, and the best construction methods to enable you to stay within your budget.

Call today for a free consultation and quote.