Custom Pool Builders in Sharpsburg, GA

If you live in the Atlanta suburb of Sharpsburg and you’re thinking of building a swimming pool, you need an experienced, reliable, specialist pool builder you can trust.

Georgia Pools is an award-winning company that specializes in affordable pool design. The company builds fiberglass and concrete shotcrete or gunite pools and offers the option of many additional features of your choice.

Which Features Will Suit Your Sharpsburg, GA Pool?

Whether you’re inspired by swimming pools built in Sharpsburg by friends or neighbors, or you have specific requirements, the team at Georgia Pools will help you assess which features will work best for you and your family.

Irrespective of the size and shape of the swimming pool you opt for, there is an amazing range of affordable feature options that will make your pool unique and special.

Feature Ideas For Your New Sharpsburg Pool

Both aesthetics and your lifestyle will help you determine which features to consider when planning a new swimming pool.

  • Spas You don’t have to have a swimming pool to include a spa in your outdoor space, but the two work together exceedingly well. A spa can be built adjacent to your pool, under a gazebo or enclosed outdoor framework, or it can be incorporated within the walls of the pool itself.
  • Waterfalls and Rockeries Beautifully effective when a pool is built into a slope, planted rockeries, and waterfalls that spill down them, add a magical ambiance to pools.
  • Fountains Freestanding fountains built within or adjacent to a pool add sound and a visual 3D element. Stylish spillway fountains built into a side wall create the effect of a sheet of water spilling into the pool.
  • Beach Entrances A shallow, gradual, sloping beach entrance looks natural and is perfect for children – though never leave them unattended in the pool.
  • Custom LED Lighting In addition to lighting outside of the pool, you might like the idea of custom LED lighting in the pool. It looks gorgeous and provides an added safety element.
  • Rimflows An infinity-edge rim overflow will create the effect of water constantly flowing over the side of the pool. It involves meticulous design with an exterior channel and a holding tank.
  • In-Water Seating A martini seat or built-in shelf is the most popular way to provide in-water seating for swimmers.
  • Patios Although not part of the pool as such, adjacent patios are the ideal feature to extend your indoor-outdoor living area. Depending on your needs and the patio design, you can use a patio for outdoor seating or incorporate an outdoor cooking area.
  • Gazebos and Pergolas A pergola built alongside your pool may simply be an architectural feature that adds dimension to the design. But if covered in some way, it will add shade which you will welcome on hot, sunny days. A gazebo, however compact, will usually add shelter and, if big enough, could be designed for outdoor entertaining.

Choose the Best GA Pool Builder in Sharpsburg

It’s important to ensure that the pool builder you contract to build your new Sharpsburg swimming pool or spa has the experience and credentials to safeguard your investment.

Explore the Georgia Pools’ Gallery to get ideas that will make your Sharpsburg swimming pool extra special.


My wife and I wanted to create a perfect place for our kids to play outdoors, and for us to entertain. Georgia Pools helped us design the perfect custom pool and patio combination. We absolutely LOVE it! Their team was very knowledgeable about the design and build process, and were very patient with us when we had any questions. It seems like their team was in and out! Now our family never leaves the back yard! Thanks Georgia Pools!

Grant M

Atlanta - Georgia

We have used one of Georgia Pools’ sister companies in the past to redesign our landscape. We decided that we were ready to incorporate a swimming pool to complete our back yard. Georgia Pools, working with their sister company, created the perfect pool design to fit right in with some of our existing hardscapes and water features. We absolutely love our back yard. Georgia Pools did an excellent job and made our backyard feel complete!

Marjorie T

Atlanta - Georgia

Britt helped us create the perfect pool for our back yard! They had ideas that I had never even considered. They came in, designed the project and completed it all very quickly. Their team was very professional and the construction didn’t totally disrupt our day to day activities! Shane, Britt and their team were amazing to work with. I do and will continue to recommend Georgia Pools to all of my friends and neighbors!

Tracy S

Atlanta - Georgia

Hey guys.  Appreciate all the hard work and awesome transformation you were able to create for us.  Happy to help with any recommendations (not that you need them) from these 2x happy customers.  The kids love the pool and we now have an excellent place to relax and entertain under our deck.  Also appreciate the intro to Dylan who has helped us start transforming the yard.

Drew & Nicki

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our pool. We love it. So many people have commented on how beautiful it is. We are so glad we chose you to make our backyard so pretty.

Larry & Twila