If you live anywhere near Ashley Park, GA and you’re thinking about building a swimming pool, Georgia Pools has all the information and advice you need.

Georgia Pools specializes in fiberglass and concrete shotcrete pools and spas and will design and build any style of pool to meet your needs and budget. The company offers a full construction service that includes any features you can think of. These range from outstanding water features to adjacent patios and outdoor entertainment areas.

A Pool to Suit Your Ashley Park Neighborhood Home

If you’re dreaming of an affordable luxury pool in an outdoor area that will cater to your lifestyle, Georgia Pools will custom build the pool of your dreams. But you need to have some idea of what you want.

These are just a few of the basic elements you need to consider.

Where do you want to locate your pool?

Often there are several possible sites that are suitable for swimming pools and spas. Sometimes the choice is limited.

Elements to consider include how flat or sloping the ground is, as well as the soil conditions. If there are lots of rocks, this could increase the cost of excavation, but it could also increase the options for landscaping around your pool.

Access to your house is also important. If an indoor-outdoor flow is what you want, you will need to locate the pool close to an indoor living area. If you want a secluded pool, away from the house, it won’t matter much.

How Much Space Do You Want For Your Pool?

Sometimes this question might be, How much space do you have available for your pool? Either way, it’s important, because it will directly affect the size and, therefore, the cost factor.

It will also affect the features you might want to include in the overall outdoor space design.

What Style of Pool Appeals to You?

Do you want a natural-looking pool or one that has clean architectural lines? Generally, a freeform shape will look natural while a geometric design will have the opposite effect.

Your choice will also affect any additional feature you might like to include. For instance, a rockery and waterfall will look great on a sloping property with an informal, natural pool. A formal fountain will work with a geometric design.

The interior finish color you choose for your pool will also be affected by its style.

The Role Georgia Pools Will Play When You Build Your Pool

Your answers to these and other questions are just a starting point. When you connect with a Georgia Pools consultant, you will have a knowledgeable and experienced advisor who will give you the guidance and the confidence you need to answer these questions.

Once you’ve decided what you want, the Georgia Pools team will take care of everything. When you approve the plans, it’s our responsibility to submit them to the council and get approval.

Then we can get on with the job of building your dream swimming pool.