Pool Construction: Will You Need an Electrical Service Upgrade?

Of the many pools that Shane LeBlanc has built throughout Atlanta, Georgia, and the entire country, there are some that need electrical service upgrades. This is an important part of the pool construction process when it’s needed. If you’re wondering whether or not you’ll need an electrical service upgrade, this article just might help you with the answer to that question.

Know that having an electrical service upgrade also makes the electrical system more solid. It will be capable of handling the additional electrical load produced by your outdoor living space.

What is an Electrical Service Upgrade?

When you have an electrical service upgrade, the electric company and an electrician will increase the home’s electrical capacity. The electric company may install a larger electric meter and a new service panel inside the home. The new panel is where the new breakers will be installed. The old breakers may have to be reorganized.

The electrical capacity of a home is measured in amps. Many modern homes have 200 amp service, but large homes may require 400 amp service.

Will Your Swimming Pool Require an Electrical Upgrade?

This is a question that can’t be answered until a professional assessment is done. However, there are some basic guidelines that may help determine the possibility as a part of the pool construction process:

  • See how many spaces you have available in your breaker box. If your panel is full, that still doesn’t mean you need an upgrade. Tandem breakers can be installed. These breakers can combine two 15 amp breakers into a single breaker. A sub-panel can also be installed.
  • If there are open spaces on your electrical panel, then the system should be able to handle the pool lights and pool pump.
  • Other equipment, such as a heat pump, hot tub, or other equipment may require spaces, which will have to be determined by an electrician.
  • The best way to know what is required is to talk to your pool builder before pool construction begins so that everything you want to have in your space is listed. More information will be available for an electrician after having this conversation.

Your pool builder can tell you how many amps each component of your outdoor living space uses.

Pool Construction by an Expert Pool Builder

If you’re ready for a luxury swimming pool to enhance your backyard, Shane LeBlanc can design and build the pool of your dreams. To learn more, call 678-519-1501 or email [email protected] for a free consult.

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