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4 Things to Consider in Your Swimming Pool Design

The decision to have a swimming pool built is a HUGE decision to make. This is because it is an investment designed to last for many years to come. It is also an investment that is supposed to bring you and your family joy and relaxation. So when thinking about your swimming pool design, there are four things that you need to consider. These four things can make a difference in the outcome of the final product.

Know What You and Your Family Want in a Pool

Before ever getting the estimate, make sure you do want a swimming pool in your yard. A pool requires maintenance, but it can be a fantastic addition. You can relax, exercise, and use it as the center for your social life. Think of everything you want to do with the pool. If you have kids, will they use it? Getting input from the kids can also influence the swimming pool design.

Consider the size, shape, and any decorative elements that are important to you. Do you want an outdoor fireplace? Fire features? Water features? Many people throughout Atlanta choose all of these because they want the ultimate backyard getaway.

What is Most Important to You about a Pool?

While knowing what you and your family find to be most important to you, you can answer this question easily. Consider which of these elements are most important to you and put them in order:

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Low maintenance
  3. Long-term warranties
  4. Features
  5. Full outdoor living space
  6. Entertainment
  7. Play area

If you want it all, you can have it all.

What’s Important to You about the Pool Installer?

Quality and workmanship is a very important factor to consider being that luxury pools are high-end pools that are designed to last for many years to come. Before choosing an installer, you want to ensure that they will give you everything that you need and then some.

Know the Pool Types

You have choices to make as to the pool type. You can choose vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete. Concrete will give you the highest degree of customization. This is especially true when you want your pool to be a specific shape. You may also need to choose a specific shape based off of yard size or shape.

Want the Best Swimming Pool Design?

When you want the best swimming pool design, you need the best pool designer. Shane LeBlanc has designed and built high-end swimming pools in the Atlanta metro, Georgia, and all around the country. If you’re ready to take the plunge into a luxurious swimming pool, call today at 678-519-1501 or email info@georgiaaquatics.com for a free consult.

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My wife and I wanted to create a perfect place for our kids to play outdoors, and for us to entertain. Georgia Pools helped us design the perfect custom pool and patio combination. We absolutely LOVE it! Their team was very knowledgeable about the design and build process, and were very patient with us when we had any questions. It seems like their team was in and out! Now our family never leaves the back yard! Thanks Georgia Pools!

Grant M
Atlanta - Georgia

We have used one of Georgia Pools’ sister companies in the past to redesign our landscape. We decided that we were ready to incorporate a swimming pool to complete our back yard. Georgia Pools, working with their sister company, created the perfect pool design to fit right in with some of our existing hardscapes and water features. We absolutely love our back yard. Georgia Pools did an excellent job and made our backyard feel complete!

Marjorie T
Atlanta - Georgia

Britt helped us create the perfect pool for our back yard! They had ideas that I had never even considered. They came in, designed the project and completed it all very quickly. Their team was very professional and the construction didn’t totally disrupt our day to day activities! Shane, Britt and their team were amazing to work with. I do and will continue to recommend Georgia Pools to all of my friends and neighbors!

Tracy S
Atlanta - Georgia
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