Chlorine Versus Saltwater Swimming Pools in Atlanta

Chlorine has been a longtime favorite of swimming pool owners, but now saltwater swimming pools in Atlanta have become the new contender. This has created a stir when deciding which type to go with. That’s why it is good to consider cost, maintenance, and health that are associated with chlorine and saltwater. Knowing the details within each of these areas can help you decide which you want for your backyard swimming pool.

Chlorine Swimming Pools

Chlorine swimming pools are the most common types of pools. The filtration systems are easy to operate and chlorine tablets are easily accessible. The pool owners either add the tablets to a disbursement device or a pump. The tablets then dilute in the water as the water passes through.

One of the advantages of chlorine over saltwater is that chlorine will clear water faster than saltwater if the pH or bacteria levels are off. Chlorine can clear the water in 1-2 days versus saltwater’s 3-5 days.

Chlorine is safe, which is why chlorine chemistry is used in everything from drinking water to pool water. However, water can go out of balance quickly, so it does require that the water to be checked fairly often.

Saltwater Swimming Pools

Saltwater pools utilize dissolved salt instead of chlorine tablets. The salt is broken down using electrolysis and then the salt os transferred to the pool. The salt-to-water level and pH will have to be maintained on a regular basis. The maintenance routine is also determined by the amount of rainfall that happens in the area. This will determine the salt volume that is added each week. it also determines the amount of backwashing required. However, the overall maintenance is less than what a chlorine swimming pool requires. You don’t have to keep a continuous check on the sanitary nature of the water.

A saltwater system requires a higher initial investment, but it can pay for itself in the first 2-3 years.

Considering Saltwater Swimming Pools in Atlanta?

If you are considering a saltwater swimming pool or you want to go with traditional chlorine, Shane LeBlanc can help you. At Georgia Pools, you can expect a wide range of pool options that work the way you want them to, including the ability to have a saltwater pool if you prefer that over chlorine.

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