Backyard Pools Accessories to Consider

There are many backyard pools accessories that can be integrated into a pool. It can be tempting to want them all, but it is possible to narrow it down. Everything from chlorinators and heaters to pool lights and pool color are considered accessories, so there are a lot of decisions to make. Perhaps you want an attractive pool cover or a specific type of tile. When you talk to your luxury pool builder, no stone will be unturned when determining your wants and needs.

Those wants and needs are going to be determined by the pool patio, the size of the pool, and your desires for the pool area. The following are the different accessories that can be integrated into your pool area.

Pool Lighting

The lights that are installed in pools are low voltage and LED. LED is environmentally friendly because it uses less electricity.You can also get pool lights in colors so that you can add color to the pool. In fact, you can change colors at the flip of a switch. If you feel like having a green pool one day and then pink the next, simply flip the switch. The lights have cords long enough to allow you to pull the lights out of the water when changing the bulbs.

Pool Color

Colored pool finishes make backyard pools more attractive, but they also make them stain resistant. Deep blues are common, but many custom pool owners opt for gray, black, or tan. The color you choose should reflect your personality and preferences. You don’t have to opt for blue just because it is popular. If you don’t like blue, don’t choose it.

Pool Covers

You have regular pool covers and you have security covers. A security cover can keep someone from falling into the water when the pool isn’t in use. Security covers can be aesthetically appealing and they have a trampoline effect if a child or adult would fall into the pool. If you plan on closing your pool down for the winter, then this is something you may want to consider.

Automatic covers also add safety. They are closed at the flip of a switch and allows you to cover your pool anytime you want to. Your pool builder can go through the pros and cons of having an automatic cover.

A solar cover can extend the swim season by keeping debris out of the pool and the water warm by helping the pool to retain heat. These covers can be cumbersome to deal with unless you use a reel system. A reel system makes it easier.

Talk to Your Pool Builder about Backyard Pools Accessories

These are just some of the pool accessories that you can integrate into your pool. The list can actually go on much longer. To learn more, call Shane LeBlanc at 678-519-1501 or email [email protected] for a free consult.

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