Pool Openings & Closings




If you are not using the pool due to the coming winter or if you are going away for a long time, you need to take the necessary steps for closing your pool properly. Properly shutting down your pool will help you increase the durability of the pool’s finish, tile work and equipment, and it will cut down the time it will take to reopen the pool. If you don’t close your pool properly, the dirt and debris can cause great damage to your pool and its equipment, which will considerably increase your maintenance costs down the road.
For this reason, our experts at GEORGIA POOLS offer the best tips for you so you can shut down your pool properly and save yourself hassle down the road.



  •  Our service technicians have a 33-point pool opening checklist that allows them to ensure everything is ready to go so that you and your family can enjoy the pool safely.
  •   When the pool closes for the winter, all pool equipment is disassembled to keep it safe from weather damage. When opening, our technicians reassemble all pool equipment and will have it up and running in no time.
  •   Out technicians also perform a complete system diagnostic to ensure there are no problems with the pool and its equipment.
  •   If you have a pool heater, our technicians will test it as well.


Additional Services Available Upon Request

  •   Apart from the standard pool opening services, customers can also request removal of the pool cover and pool cleaning.
  •   We also balance your pool’s chemicals, such as algaecide, mineral remover, and pool shock.
  •   To make your pool as sanitized as possible, our service technicians can also vacuum your pool.


  •  When closing the pool, our technicians simply work backwards with the same 33-point pool closing checklist.
  •   We disassemble all pool equipment because if the water freezes during the winter, it can cause damage.
  •   Our technicians will install winter plugs that are provided by the homeowner.
  •   The filter tank is also cleaned to prevent algae growth when the pool is not in use.


Additional Services Available Upon Request

  •   Apart from the other pool closing services, our service technicians can also attach your pool cover.
  •   We also provide closing chemicals to prevent algae growth, such as algaecide, mineral remover, pool shock, and more.
  •   We vacuum the pool and perform a thorough cleaning of the pool.

Any other services in relation to your inground swimming pool can be rendered by GEORGIA POOLS, such as cleaning filtration systems, floor cleaning systems and any other equipment in use for the purpose of maintaining your pool.