Using Logic, not Emotion when Choosing a Pool Builder

This may sound a bit on the self-serving side, but the information contained within is going to be very valuable. Choosing a pool builder is a very personal decision. Whether it’s Shane LeBlanc or someone else, you want to ensure that the person you are paying to build a custom pool is everything they say that they are and more. That is why it is important to use logic rather than emotion when choosing the person who is going to build your pool.

The Timing Issue

One major issue that pool buyers have when choosing their pool designer and builder is that their pool project may not be able to begin immediately. The delay is due to other projects on the pool builder’s calendar. It is ideal to start shopping around earlier in the year in order to get put on the calendar for an earlier date. Unfortunately, there are cases where a pool contractor is chosen based on when they begin rather than their experience, technique, and ability to build a high-end pool that is going to be fantastic for years to come.

The Emotion Issue

An example of emotion taking precedent over logic is when a person does something like adding a sliding board just because they had one as a child. Later, they may find that they will never use the sliding board. This is the same emotion that contributes to the decision to not go with the best pool builder because of time. Sometimes time can be a small sacrifice in exchange for quality.

When Emotion isn’t an Issue

Emotion isn’t necessarily an issue when applied to the process properly. For instance, wanting a fire pit or outdoor fireplace because you want to be able to relax on a cool summer evening is fine. When describing your desired pool design to your pool designer, emotion comes into play.  You can’t help it. You want to be able to feel that your decisions are the right decisions rather than jumping the gun and changing your mind about things later.

Using Logic in Your Pool Buying Decision

It’s okay to trust your gut. However, logic says that an experienced pool builder is going to give you the best result. The decision is critical because a luxury swimming pool is a major investment and one that can bring you and your family a great deal of peace and pleasure for a long time.

So when the time comes, check references, ask yourself whether you want the experience or a company that doesn’t have as high a demand for their work. Rest assured that choosing the company that is high in demand will result in fewer regrets later. Fewer regrets later means long-term satisfaction.

Contact An Experienced Pool Builder

Shane LeBlanc is an award-winning pool builder serving Atlanta, all of Georgia, and clients throughout the country. If you are ready or think you’ll be ready for a luxury swimming pool, call 678-519-1501or email [email protected] for a free consult.

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