Top Trends for Swimming Pools in Peachtree City, GA

If you have the goal of having a pool, spa, or pool renovation, there are various swimming pool trends that are out there. In fact, there are swimming pools in Peachtree City, GA that have had some of the latest trends integrated in and around them. From expert landscaping to unique pool features that make a statement, there are many things that your swimming pool builder can do for you.

By knowing the trends among the more upscale swimming pools in Peachtree City, GA, you can make an informed decision about what you choose for your backyard.

Check Out these Pool Trends

The following are the latest trends in swimming pools that you may want to consider.

Backyard Resort

You can opt for a lagoon-style backyard by integrating a custom waterslide, waterfalls, a spa, and beautiful landscaping. This style of poolscape has been becoming more popular in recent years and is expected to continue growing in popularity. This is because homeowners want to recreate the resort experience in their own backyards.

Multi-Level Swimming Pools

You can have multiple levels of enjoyment created. One level can be a wading pool, while the next level is the much deeper pool. You can have one level that sits above the other, allowing the upper level to overflow into the lower. If you want steps between the levels, they can also serve as the path for the overflow.

Cutting Edge Pools

There are some yards with space constraints. That is why some pools curve around corners or even sit in corners. Spas and pools both can be fit in some of the most impossible places because of some imagination and ingenuity. This means there are also ways to work around some of the zoning requirements.

Geometric Designs

Pool trends come and go and this means that there are different shapes and designs that do as well. However, geometric pool shapes have been popular for a number of years and are growing in popularity. Some of the most elaborate materials are integrated into these designs because of the artistic nature of them.

The Vanishing Spa

This is also referred to as the “disappearing spa” because it is present in the center of the pool rather than off to the side. You can have a walkway from the pool deck to the spa. The rest is all pool. Integrate waterfalls and custom lighting features and you can have a great effect.

Swimming Pools in Peachtree City, GA

Swimming pools are great for recreation, relaxation, and spending time with family. If you are ready to have an upscale swimming pool that takes you to paradise the moment you step out your back door, Shane LeBlanc can make that vision turn into a reality. All you have to do to get more information is call 678-519-1501 or email [email protected]

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