Top 4 Luxury Pool Installation Questions Answered

If you are in the market for an infinity pool or any other style of inground pool, you probably have some questions. Most of the questions that Shane LeBlanc receives are not so much about cost, but about the construction process and even the design. Below, you will find some of the basic questions that are asked about pool installation. More in-depth questions that are specific to your pool building process can be directed to the pool builder.

What’s Involved in the Pool Installation Process?

How involved the pool installation process is depends on the type of pool. A custom pool is most likely going to be a concrete pool rather than fiberglass or a vinyl liner. However, any type may be installed based off of homeowner preference.

If you opt for a fiberglass pool, it is shipped to your house in one piece and placed into the hole that was previously excavated. Concrete pools are completely constructed on-site using concrete, plaster, and steel. A vinyl pool liner is a pliable liner that is as thick as around ten sheets of paper. It holds the water in the pool.

How Long does Pool Construction Take?

Again, it depends on the type of pool. A fiberglass pool can take up to six weeks to complete, a concrete pool can take from 2 to 5 months, and a vinyl liner pool could take six to eight weeks.

What are Common Installation Issues?

A reputable swimming pool builder will carefully plan to avoid swimming pool installation issues. However, there are times that things do pop up. However, the problems that are carefully avoided, yet quickly rectified when they happen, include leaks around pool fittings and structural issues due to shifting. Shifting can happen with vinyl liner pools if the wall panels aren’t well secured with a concrete footing. Concrete pools can crack from shifting and the same can occur with fiberglass pools even when properly installed. Fortunately, a lot of experience and proven methods can prevent these issues from happening. It starts with proper ground preparation and ensuring all is secure before building the actual pool.

How do I know I have a Reputable Swimming Pool Contractor?

There is a lot of beauty that is beheld by a properly installed custom swimming pool. It is the pool contractor that ensures the beauty and durability of the finished product. This is why you want to ensure you have the right one. A solid portfolio, testimonials, and experience are three factors that you can use when making your decision. Shane LeBlanc is an award-winning pool designer and builder who has built a strong portfolio, as well as the most complicated pool designs in the world. Call today at 678-519-1501 or email [email protected]

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