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Pool Plaster

Pool plaster has been transformed from the traditional finish usually used for pools to other alternatives that can lend to stunning visual effects

Early on all pools featured a white plaster which showed every spot and bit of litter that accumulated on the bottom of the pool. It also only had a 5 to 15 year longevity. However, as pools evolved into much more elaborate systems with water features etc, new products were developed to make these special effects look better and more importantly reduce maintenance.

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Traditional Plaster Finish

Selecting the right finish can increase the enjoyment your families outdoor living area.
A traditional plaster finish is the least durable of pool finishes and will require re-plastering every 8 to 12 years.
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Sometimes called whitecoat or marcite, basic plaster is the least expensive pool finish and many people prefer the way the smooth surface of plaster feels on their feet.

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Downsides of a plaster pool finish

Important Considerations
  • Is porous and requires extra care to keep water chemicals in balance
  • May crack, develop hollow spots or chip
  • May become rough due to scaling and scrape skin
  • Can wear away at high traffic areas (i.e. steps)
  • Stains easier than other finishes

It is important to realize that when selecting a plaster color you are actually selecting a water color. Light plasters produce a sparkling, tropical water color, while darker plasters produce a deeper blue, similar to a natural lake.

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Pool Finish Options Comparison

Compare the different pool finishes
Size Cost Longevity Ascetic
PEBBLE TEC Medium Medium High
BEADCRETE Medium Medium High
GLASS TILE High High High
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Pool Plaster - Atlanta Georgia

My wife and I wanted to create a perfect place for our kids to play outdoors, and for us to entertain. Georgia Pools helped us design the perfect custom pool and patio combination. We absolutely LOVE it! Their team was very knowledgeable about the design and build process, and were very patient with us when we had any questions. It seems like their team was in and out! Now our family never leaves the back yard! Thanks Georgia Pools!

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We have used one of Georgia Pools’ sister companies in the past to redesign our landscape. We decided that we were ready to incorporate a swimming pool to complete our back yard. Georgia Pools, working with their sister company, created the perfect pool design to fit right in with some of our existing hardscapes and water features. We absolutely love our back yard. Georgia Pools did an excellent job and made our backyard feel complete!

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Britt helped us create the perfect pool for our back yard! They had ideas that I had never even considered. They came in, designed the project and completed it all very quickly. Their team was very professional and the construction didn’t totally disrupt our day to day activities! Shane, Britt and their team were amazing to work with. I do and will continue to recommend Georgia Pools to all of my friends and neighbors!

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