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Custom Pools Options

It’s your swimming pool and it should be your choice as to how you want it.

A custom-made swimming pool gives you the freedom to transform your backyard into something that fits your style and becomes the ultimate hangout spot for your friends and family. So, here are the different ways you can customize your pool and tailor it to perfection.

Design Custom Pools with Custom Shapes

The design of your pool should be unique to your liking and for the extraordinary touch, GEORGIA POOLS is here for you! At GEORGIA POOLS, you will have the help of our design team that will guide you through the entire process.

At the end of it, you will have a pool that will fully optimize your backyard space and it will become the ultimate getaway place for you and your family.

The concrete pools built by GEORGIA POOLS can be of any shape and size you require.

Design Custom Pools with Custom Shapes Atlanta Georgia

Custom Lighting for Custom Pools

Custom Lighting for Custom Pools Atlanta Georgia

Apart from design, you can further customize your pool with built-in LED lighting. The inground pools by GEORGIA POOLS have lighting systems that will enhance the beauty of your custom pool, while also serving as a safety feature.

There is a wide variety of lights you can choose from to highlight the beauty of your pool. You have the option of installing them in sunshelves, underwater like in fountains or waterfalls and even inside your spa for better illumination.

Custom Features for Custom Pools

GEORGIA POOLS has a range of unique features you can employ based on your taste and style.
  • Built-in Tanning Shelves : Our built-in tanning shelves are perfect for concrete pools that will allow you to soak the heat of the sun as you enjoy the water.
  • Rock Waterfalls : Our rock waterfalls can turn a regular swimming pool into something exotic that you can’t get enough of. Not only will you be adding a natural element to your backyard, but the soothing sound of a waterfall will take you somewhere else.
  • Spas : Nobody needs to be asked twice to relax in a spa. The bubbling and soothing sensations are loved by all.
  • Vanishing Edges : This feature will give your swimming pool a modern and contemporary look, a major upgrade to your backyard.
  • Spillways : Our spillways feature again adds a modern and contemporary touch to your pool, but it also gives it an architectural transition between your swimming pool and spa. Just like the waterfall, spillways also give you the soothing sounds of water.
  • Beach Entries : This feature is perfect if you have little children or the elderly using the swimming pool. The beach entry starts shallow on one side and then deepens towards the other end. It’s perfect for a family of all ages.

Luxury Features for Custom Pools

Our design team takes all customized suggestions from customers, from waterfalls to arcing jets of water. You can design it as relaxing or as adventurous as you want.

Add That Special Feature

You can even add laminar jets if you like the illusion of shooting streams of colored water in your pool.

Or add a nature element to your pool with a descent waterfall or a rock waterfall. Or you can simply add fountains to enhance the look of your pool, while personalizing it with your style and taste.

Luxury Features for Custom Pools  Atlanta Georgia

High Quality Pools

High Quality Pools Atlanta Georgia

At GEORGIA POOLS, you have the opportunity to discover limitless options for your personalized in-ground swimming pool.

Our professional design team and builders will provide you with excellent customer service and high quality pools.  You can enjoy your pool for years and years to come.

My wife and I wanted to create a perfect place for our kids to play outdoors, and for us to entertain. Georgia Pools helped us design the perfect custom pool and patio combination. We absolutely LOVE it! Their team was very knowledgeable about the design and build process, and were very patient with us when we had any questions. It seems like their team was in and out! Now our family never leaves the back yard! Thanks Georgia Pools!

Grant M
Atlanta - Georgia

We have used one of Georgia Pools’ sister companies in the past to redesign our landscape. We decided that we were ready to incorporate a swimming pool to complete our back yard. Georgia Pools, working with their sister company, created the perfect pool design to fit right in with some of our existing hardscapes and water features. We absolutely love our back yard. Georgia Pools did an excellent job and made our backyard feel complete!

Marjorie T
Atlanta - Georgia

Britt helped us create the perfect pool for our back yard! They had ideas that I had never even considered. They came in, designed the project and completed it all very quickly. Their team was very professional and the construction didn’t totally disrupt our day to day activities! Shane, Britt and their team were amazing to work with. I do and will continue to recommend Georgia Pools to all of my friends and neighbors!

Tracy S
Atlanta - Georgia
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