Pool Heater Options: Gas, Heat Pump, or Solar?

When you want to utilize your pool as much as possible during the year, a pool heater may be what you need. Shane LeBlanc has worked with homeowners throughout Atlanta and Georgia who wish to use their pools as far into the fall as they can. While it may seem simple enough to say “I want a heat pump,” there are different options available. You have gas, solar, and the heat pump.

First, you have to ask yourself if heating your pool is what you want. It’s a pretty good question.

A regular swim season lasts just three or four months. When you add a heater, you can extend the swim season up to two more months. The swim season doesn’t have to stop when school starts or when the temperatures start to drop a little.

So when you consider a pool heater, here are your options:

  • Solar
  • Gas (such as propane)
  • Heat pump (electric)

How Pool Heaters Work

Pool heaters work well in southern climates by extending the swim season a couple of months. In some cases, they can make year-round swimming possible.

A solar pool heater is efficient in that the energy from the sun is utilized to heat the water. The pool pump circulates the water through the solar heater. Solar energy is free, but the pump has to run in order for the solar heater to work properly.

An electric heat pump  pulls warmed air and the heat is transferred to the water. The temperature has to be at least 55 degrees in order for this to properly work.

gas pool heater uses natural gas or propane. It doesn’t operate with outdoor temperature conditions like electric, nor does it rely on the energy produced by the sun. Fuel is burned within a combustion chamber. Water runs through copper coils where it is heated and then returned to the pool.

Discuss Your Pool Heater Options with An Experienced Pool Builder

If you would like to add a pool heater to your swimming pool, it is best to talk to an experienced pool builder who can review your options with you. Call today at 678-519-1501 to request a free consultation.

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