Pool Biz Lingo Used by Pool Companies in Atlanta GA

When considering the purchase of a luxury swimming pool, it is good to know the lingo that is used by pool companies in Atlanta GA. By having an understanding of the terminology, you can achieve a better understanding of what a pool entails and how certain things work. Then again, you can always ask if you don’t understand what a particular term or component is. Nonetheless, knowing the terminology can also help you ask the right questions.

The following are the terms pool companies in Atlanta GA and beyond use:

Pump and Water Supply

The pump is the central hub of the pool. It has a motor that circulates pool water. It takes water in, cleans it via the filter, and then deposits the filtered water back into the pool. The pump doesn’t have to run all of the time, but the water should be run through at least once a day and the turnover time could be up to 8 hours, depending on the size of the pool.


While the tennis racquet-looking thing on the end of the pole is called a “skimmer,” there may be a skimmer basket located at the top edge of the pool. It has a plastic door called a “weir” door that traps floating debris. The debris is captured in the skimmer basket so it doesn’t make its way to the filter.


There are drains that are usually located at the bottom of the pool and they have “antivortex covers.” This is so a vortex isn’t created when the pool is drained.

Suction and Pressure

There is the suction side and the pressure side. The skimmer, main drain, and vacuum fitting all connect to the suction lines that are on the suction side of the pump. The pump, filter, and pool heater are all on the pressure side. The pressure side is where water is sent back into the pool.


There are different types of filters that pool companies in Atlanta GA use. Sand filters, cartridge filters, and DE filters are common. Sand filters use sand-like matter to filter water. A cartridge filter uses a cartridge that has to be taken out and cleaned sometimes. The DE filter has grids inside of its filter tank that is coated with diatomaceous earth (DE) that is a white powder made of micro-skeletal plankton. Sand and DE filters are cleaned by backwashing, which is running water through the filter backwards.

Water Balance

Water balance refers to keeping a proper pH, total hardness, and total alkalinity. A stabilizer or cyanuric acid is used to protect chlorine from the effects of UV rays. You can talk to your pool builder about ways to keep the water balanced. Balanced water is safe water. There are balancing chemicals that will need to be used.

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