Keeping Pools in Atlanta GA Clean

Pools in Atlanta GA, just like anywhere, have to be clean and the best way to do that is through pool chemicals. These chemicals are specified for pool maintenance, so they are properly formulated to do what you need them to do to keep you and your family healthy. To know what you need to do to keep your pool chemicals balanced, you can test the water 2 to 3 times per week. It is actually rather simple.

 Keeping Custom Backyard Pools Clean

The easiest way to start making sure your pool stays safe and clean is to use a test strip kit. This is a kit that is available at most pool stores. It contains strips and testing chemicals to use on the water sample to determine chlorine level, water pH, and alkalinity. It is also important to make sure there are no metals in the water and that calcium levels are under control.

Chlorine is important when you have a chlorine pool because it kills bacteria and sanitizes the water. These products are stabilized, which means they are protected from sunlight degradation as they keep your pool water clear and clean. They are available in one inch or three-inch tablets, chlorinating sticks, and chlorinating concentrate. Your free chlorine level will need to be 1-3ppm.

Bromine is another way to sanitize pools in Atlanta GA because it keeps the pool water clear and cleans bacteria. It actually works better than chlorine in warm water, making it great for spas. Bromine also stays active longer than chlorine, so the bromine volume needed to keep the pool clean is less than chlorine. To use bromine as a way to sanitize your pool, an automatic brominator will need to be installed. You can talk to your custom pool company about installing a brominator.

When to Shock

Shocking the pool on a regular basis is an important step in keeping your pool clean. Swimmers add waste to the pool and that waste must be eliminated regularly to prevent algae growth and clouded water. Because chlorine can combine with bacteria as it sanitizes, it can create a problem and a strong chlorine smell. By shocking the pool, you remove this combined chlorine.

After you administer the shock treatment, algaecide can be added as a backup to your chlorine use. This will keep algae from growing in your pool.

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