Inground Spa vs. Above Ground Spa

The spa, or hot tub, is something that many people want to integrate into their swimming pool design. However, they wonder whether the spa should be in the pool, somewhere outside the pool, and if it should be an inground spa or an above ground spa. Both has their benefits, so it is good for you to know the pros and cons. That is what this article is going to do for you.

Above Ground Spa Pros and Cons

Above ground hot tubs are ergonomic and can fit people of different sizes and heights. You can place them close to the house so that you can minimize walking distance from the door to the tub. This is important because where the hot tub is located in relation to the house determines how often the spa is used. It also determines whether or not it is used in the winter. This is why above ground hot tubs tend to be utilized more throughout the year.

Above ground units require less maintenance than inground spas and they don’t usually have to be preheated.

You can use cover lifters with an above ground unit since hot tub covers can be very heavy. If just one person wants to spend time in the hot tub, manually removing a cover can be very difficult. Attaching the cover to a lever system makes it much easier for the cover to be removed.

Inground Spa Pros and Cons

The inground spa has a lot of flexibility and aesthetic appeal compared to the above ground spa. Bench seating is typical and these are usually set in or near the pool. This does mean a longer walk from the house to the hot tub. They do require more maintenance than their above ground counterparts, but it can be worth it.

There is something about moving from the hot tub to the pool and back that is fun and it can be very relaxing.

The cover lift option may not exist and the hot tub may need to be preheated.

When you opt for an inground option, the customization can be quite unique. While you can have an above ground customized, some of the integration options with inground go beyond the bounds of standard creativity.

Want an Inground Spa? Talk to an Expert

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