Do Pools in Atlanta Need Pool Chillers?

Atlanta is in the south, which means it gets hot. This heat makes it jumping into the pool to cool off something that many people look forward to so they don’t have to deal with the high temperatures. But what many people don’t realize until they take that dip is that the pool water can reach the 90s in the summer, especially on those very hot days. This is why some pools in Atlanta have pool chillers on their pool heat pumps.

Pool, chillers are designed to lower the temperature of the water so that it can truly cool you off, even on the hottest days. So how much difference does a pool chiller make?

Consider that the pool water temperature may only be about 7 to 10 degrees cooler than the air temperature, that’s not a lot when the day is 90+ degrees. A chiller could cool the water up to 10 more degrees. So if the temperature is 99 degrees outside, the pool water is 92 degrees, and the pool chiller cools the water down 8 degrees, the resulting temperature is 84 degrees. That’s a bit better than 92 degrees.

Automatic Pool Covers and Pool Chillers

if you are thinking about adding an automatic pool cover, consider that it also acts like a solar cover. This means that it is going to heat the water in the pool. If you need to close the cover when the pool isn’t in use, you may need to add the pool chiller to keep the water temperature from getting too hot. Many pools in Atlanta and all over the country have this combination to ensure optimum comfort.

Talk to an Experienced Builder of Pools in Atlanta

If you want to have a pool that is comfortable for as long as possible throughout the year, talk to Shane LeBlanc about pool heaters and chillers. Call today at 678-519-1501 or email [email protected] for a free consult.

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