Choosing Among Pool Companies in Atlanta GA to do Your Pool Redesign

You’ve probably read many articles on how to choose among the pool companies in Atlanta GA. That is fine because you want to make sure the best in the industry designing and building custom swimming pool redesign according to your wants and needs. You want your pool to be right all the way down to the smallest specification.

When checking out a custom pool designer to do your pool redesign, there are many things that you can look at from a portfolio of their work to cost, but what it really comes down to is references.

While you already know that it’s important to ask for references, there is really more to asking the best pool companies in Atlanta GA for names and telephone numbers. As a matter of fact, there’s a way to make the approach.

Properly Asking a Pool Contractor for References

When talking to a pool contractor, there is a simple question that you can ask and that is “How many pools have you installed in the last year?”

This is a very simple question and the pool contractor is going to be able to provide you with a fast answer.

Once you have the answer, you can then ask for the reference list. So if the contractor installed 20 pools over the past year and you only get 10 references, this could indicate a 50% satisfaction rate. You want as close to 20 references as possible in this case.

This is a very simple technique. If you’re told that the names and contact information of customers can’t be given out due to privacy, that is typically not the case. Customers tend to give permission for their names and telephone numbers to go on a reference list.

If a pool contractor refuses to give any names, then you can just walk away. That means that there is something wrong.

When you take this step, you will relieve yourself of major headaches. Nonetheless, one reason why a pool contractor probably shouldn’t give out client information is when that client is a celebrity or other public figure that must keep their contact information private. This is a reasonable exception

Contact One of the Premier Pool Companies in Atlanta GA and Beyond

Georgia Pools can build custom pools and also redesign your existing pool so it can be what you always wanted and what you deserve. An award-winning pool designer, Shane LeBlanc will work with you in establishing a design that will appeal to you and your friends and family for years to come.

Call 678-519-1501 or email [email protected] to talk about your vision.

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