About Inground Pool Warranties

When you buy an inground pool, there are three types of pool warranties that are likely involved: 1. Materials warranties, 2. pool equipment warranty (filters, pumps, heaters, etc.), and 3. the pool contractor’s workmanship warranty. This covers every aspect of the pool and its installation. This also gives you peace of mind that everything is going to work the way that it is meant to work.

Pool Material Warranties

Different materials have their own warranties. The details of these warranties are covered in the contract with the pool builder. These warranties are usually limited to manufacturer defects, but may cover other issues. It’s important to understand your warranties and any warranty options that may be available to you. Common warranty options include the ability to buy additional coverage.

Pool Equipment Warranties

Pool equipment warranties work just as material warranties do. If the product, such as a pump or pool heater, fails prematurely, it can be repaired or replaced. There may be restrictions imposed by the manufacturer as to what can be claimed on a warranty and what can’t. Other types of equipment that may be covered by such warranties include automatic pool covers, water features, and any other components you have added to your pool.

Pool Contractor’s Workmanship

You want a pool builder who will guarantee their work. This means fixing anything that may be wrong or a problem that develops later that shouldn’t have in the first place. This is one of the reasons why you want to choose the best pool contractor possible. By choosing the best, the chance of having to utilize a contractor’s guarantee reduces significantly.

Talk to An Experienced Pool Builder about Pool Warranties

Pool warranties are extremely important so you can ensure the sound operation and structural functionality of your swimming pool. When you have a highly experienced Atlanta luxury pool builder handling your pool project, you can count on the best materials, best craftmanship, and the best equipment. You get a guarantee that gives you peace of mind. To learn more, call Shane LeBlanc at 678-519-1501 to request a free consultation.

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