Our Warranty





Hiring a professional service to build a custom pool is quite an investment. It’s only reasonable that homeowners want to ensure their investment is worth every penny. Georgia Pools takes great care when building swimming pools. We only use the highest quality materials and professionals licensed for pool building. Our greatest asset is our team of insured professionals who know how to construct the best swimming pools.

So, how does Georgia Pools ensure complete protection? Our guarantee comes from specific standards that are firmly followed by our company, to ensure every customer is fully satisfied. Our pool building techniques for construction and state-of-the-art equipment produces high-quality swimming pools. We take pride in the fact that we have a pool of satisfied customers who are happy with the investment they made in their backyard through us.

Georgia Pools LLC hereby guarantees the swimming pool to be free from defect for one year from date of completion when subject to normal use and care. (REFERENCE

This guarantee does not apply to any cracking to the decking materials. Georgia Pools LLC shall be liable for mechanical defect only to the extent of the manufacturer’s warranty. No Claim may be filed and there should be no obligation to owner unless owner’s full indebtedness to Georgia Pools LLC is paid. Owner agrees to be responsible for the location and elevation of the pool and this contract is based on the assumption that: [a] the existing utilities are adequate, [b] the site is not fill ground bearing capacity, [c] has no expansive soil [d] contains no sliding gravel, [e] pool site is not on any buried trash, [f] no leach lines, [g] no septic tank, [h] no subterranean drainage, [i] no gas lines, [j] no water pipes, [k] no drainage pipes or irrigation pipes, [l] no underground electrical conduit or other obstruction not apparent from an inspection on surface, [m] no underground or surface water condition will interfere with the work or operation of the completed structure, [n] no rock, shale or other masses requiring extraordinary means of removal or disposal, [o] all equipment has access to the site and that said access is adequate and substantial [p] a minimum of 60 pounds of city water pressure. [q] Georgia Pools LLC and its
partners are not liable for any and all cracking to the driveway or surrounding areas if homeowner has not provided an alternate route to the pool site, [r] Georgia Pools LLC agrees to be liable for any damage to owner’s property caused by employees or agents during the time of construction, save clause [q] stated previously, [s] it is understood and agreed that if any of the forgoing assumptions of face should prove mistaken and if additional work or materials are required thereby to complete the construction of the pool, Georgia Pools LLC will notify the owner of the same and the owner shall immediately notify Georgia Pools LLC in writing whether or not to continue. If work is stopped by the owner, it is the responsibility of the owner to pay Georgia Pools LLC on billing for all work performed and materials furnished.

If work is ordered by the owner, the owner shall pay Georgia Pools LLC on any and all extra costs incurred. Should contractor meet underground sewers, cesspools, septic tanks, leaching fields or underground pipes or wiring such as water, gas electrical, cable or telephone, owner agrees to contract for and pay cost of rerouting same.

***Final Grading/ finish grading/ landscaping, window/ door alarms, and fence installation: the swimming pool interior finish cannot be installed until a fence surrounds the pool, to code. We cannot close our permit until a properly developed final grading/ drainage plan is installed, landscaping is installed, door/ window alarms are installed on all windows and doors leading to the pool area, and a fence surrounds the pool, to code. We suggest that you extend your pool overflow line/ perform final grading/ finish grading/ install drainage, install landscaping, and install fencing immediately following the pool decking installation unless your project manager says otherwise. You will need to schedule all of the above if it is not part of our contract.***

The pool overflow line will be installed by us right outside of the pool deck. You can locate this line by looking for the overflow grate in the waterline tile.







Our service centers will service, repair or replace equipment purchased from us according to the warranties provided by the manufacturer.

POOL & EQUIPMENT WARRANTY – per manufacturer (labor not included)

1. Lifetime Structural Warranty on Shotcrete shell, non – transferable
2. Three (3) year parts warranty on all Jandy 1 (800) 822-7933 and/or Hayward 1 (800) 657-2287 Pool Equipment per
included) manufacturer (labor not included.)
3. One (1) year Warranty on all masonry surfaces (Except cracking)
4. Pebble Interior Finish has approximately fifteen (15) year warranty based on selection
5. White Plaster or Marcite Interior Finish has two (2) year warranty

For more information about your services and products, call the Georgia Pools service center nearest you or schedule an appointment with us today!