8 Fun Swimming Pool Tips for Teens

A luxury swimming pool can be a lot of fun for teens, but their knack for getting bored easily means ensuring there are plenty of activities for them to do in and around the pool. What makes this more fun is the fact that teens can have friends over to partake in the fun. Besides, what teen doesn’t want to show off their custom swimming pool to their friends?

Fun Swimming Pool Ideas for Teens

Teenagers love to swim. In fact, they’ve probably been in pools a couple hundred times in their lives, so it is good to spice up the activities a bit so that their experiences can vary. Here are eight tips that can help you do just that.

  1. After a day of school, sports practice, and lots of people barking orders at them, kids like to unwind a bit. Your custom pool can be an oasis that helps restore their energy and release stress. Stress can be difficult for teens to deal with, so they need outlets. Sometimes, stress relief can be achieved by jumping off of a diving board, sliding down a slide, or relaxing in the spa.
  2. Add a basketball hoop or a volleyball net to the pool. Kids like to play games and many love sports, so this is a great way to keep them interested.
  3. Host a pool party for your teen and their friends. Fire up the grill and play some music.
  4. If your teen is a swimmer, you can use your pool as a practice space. Break out the stopwatch and time their laps.
  5. Make sure there is plenty of patio furniture so that your teen can sit back and watch movies on a projection screen. This would make for a great movie night with friends.
  6. Play traditional pool games like Marco Polo. Sometimes you don’t need a basketball hoop for the pool or a volleyball net to have some fun.
  7. Put a bucket in the pool so that it randomly floats around. Everyone can take turns throwing ping pong balls into the bucket. You can also do this with plastic cups.
  8. Fire up the firepit and roast marshmallows. Kids really like S’mores, so have a S’mores party.

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