6 Ways Pools in Atlanta GA can be Safer

This summer, pools in Atlanta GA are going to be filled with people having a lot of fun, but there will also be the potential for accidents. These accidents can be greatly reduced by exercising just a few pool safety tips. With these tips, you can make your pool safer for swimmers by using the following safety tools and tips so that you can focus on the fun and relaxation and less on what could possibly happen.

Pool Safety Tips

Here are some pool safety tips that will make a considerable difference in how safe everyone is in and around the swimming pool

1. Install a Pool Safety Cover

This cover looks like a giant trampoline, but it is very important to pool safety, especially during the winter. Pool covers that are properly in place have been known to save the lives of children that have fallen onto them. They will catch the child so that they don’t fall below the surface of the water.

2. Install a Pool Safety Fence

There are many communities throughout the U.S. that require pool safety fences to be installed around swimming pools, so homeowners will have their pool builders build the fences for them as a part of the entire pool package. When you have a custom pool builder integrate a pool safety fence into the project, then it can appear to be more natural than it would be otherwise. That makes this a good component to request if you are concerned about small children falling into the pool.

3. Install a Pool Alarm

There are different types of pool alarms that can be installed. These perimeter alarms will sound if a child or animal crosses the field. This pool safety device is very useful for when you are at home and children can easily wander out of your sight. You can combine this with the other two tools to create an extra safe pool environment.

4. Non-Slip Surface

As a part of your custom pool design, you can have a non-slip surface placed around the pool. Many pools in Atlanta GA have this type of surface to keep both children and adults from falling in. You can check with your custom pool builder about the different types of non-slip surfaces that can be placed around your pool.

5. Keep the Area Tidy

It is important to keep the pool area as tidy as possible. This is so there are no tripping hazards. Pool toys and all other objects should have a place. Lifesaving equipment should be handy and in a place that is close to the pool, yet not in the area where people need to walk. You should have rescue buoys, a long pole, and a first aid kit.

Keeping Pools in Atlanta GA Safe

At Georgia Pools, we believe in helping you keep your pool area safe. We build custom luxury swimming pools that can have certain safety elements integrated into them. We can also give you proper safety tips to ensure that your swimming environment is the safest one.

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