5 Enhancements Your Swimming Pool Builder Can Do

Having a custom swimming pool is about more than digging a hole in the ground and placing a pool in that space. While you’ve probably seen properties around Atlanta and Georgia that have piles of dirt left over from an inground pool install, that’s not what you get from a luxury swimming pool builder. There are actually enhancements that can make the space so much more.

What are the Top Luxury Pool Features?

Those in Atlanta opting for a custom pool want to be able to choose from the top luxury pool features and enhancements. Fortunately, there is a number of enhancement features that can be integrated into your pool so that it can be everything that you want it to be. Those swimming pool features include:

  1. Retaining Wall – Retaining wall can be more than just a functional piece, but it can be visual. It can serve as a barrier between your outdoor living space and any areas outside of that space. It can serve as visually appealing perimeter.
  2. Patio – A patio area is great for your poolside outdoor furniture. Your patio can be open or covered, depending on your preference. You can have a fire pit on your patio or an outdoor fireplace. Some individuals like their patios placed right off from their full-size outdoor kitchen.
  3. Hot Tub – A hot tub can be a great addition because it can be used year round and it is the ideal supplement to your pool. There is something fun about getting out of the pool and getting in the hot tub. If you are looking for a unique way to have a hot tub integrated into your outdoor living space, Shane LeBlanc can make it a part of the pool itself or build the hot tub in its own space.
  4. Pool Bar – Pool bars aren’t just for exotic vacation destinations. You can have one integrated into your home pool. If you are having a party, this bar feature can be highly useful. Just swim up and get a drink.
  5. Sliding Board – You can’t go wrong with a good sliding board if you have kids or you are an adult that likes to slide your way into the water. However, the sliding board doesn’t have to be just any slide. There are different designs that can complement the design of your custom swimming pool. All you have to do is ask your swimming pool builder what you want.

Just Ask Your Swimming Pool Builder

Shane LeBlanc has built custom pools in Atlanta that are second-to-none. An award-winning pool designer and builder, he has integrated many types of enhancements into the luxury pools that he has built. If you have an idea and you are wondering if it can be done, just ask Shane and he will tell you how he can make it happen.

You can call Georgia pools today at 678-519-1501 or email [email protected] to receive more information on the many enhancements that can be integrated into your outdoor paradise.

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