5 Design Ideas by a Pool Builder in Atlanta

When you are contemplating having a custom luxury swimming pool built on your property, it is good to have some inspiration so that you know exactly what you want. There are so many options available that a good pool builder in Atlanta can give bring to life for you. By knowing what some of those options are ahead of time, it is easier to set your heart on what you want.

Pool Design Ideas that will Inspire You

1. Water Features

There are a number of water features that can be integrated into your swimming pool. The idea is to create a space that you can escape to and such features as waterfalls and water fountains can create a sense of tranquility. Life suddenly becomes better when the look and sound of fresh running water are created in your pool space.

2. Infinity Edge Pools

This is a unique pool design because it looks like the pool’s edge vanishes. This is what has earned these pools the name “vanishing edge pools.” They look like they have no edge and, in many cases, they look as if they extend out into infinity. If you have ever seen photos of pools on rooftops or cliffs that appear as if they fall over the edge, you are looking at an infinity pool.

3. Landscaping

We’re not talking your typical landscaping where a few flowers are planted here nad there. We’re talking sculpted hedges around the pool or a garden with many plant species that you can walk and sit among. The best pool builder in Atlanta is going to offer you a full suite of landscaping options because it is about more than just the pool; it’s about creating a space that makes life a little better.

4. Outdoor Living Spaces

While the pool itself is ideal for outdoor living, it goes much further than this. You can turn your space into a dining area, a place to entertain friends, and so much more. You can integrate an outdoor fireplace, a fire pit, a spa, and practically anything you can think of. The goal is for you to be able to comfortably spend a lot of time outside. Even an outdoor kitchen is a while.

5. Light Features

You can add different light features to your pool. LED lights are popular and efficient. You can also add lights to the trees around the pool, to the area around your firepit, and anywhere around your outdoor living space. Being that you may want to enjoy the space at night, proper lighting is very important.

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