5 Common Pool Lighting Questions

If you are considering an inground pool, there is a good chance you want underwater pool lighting. There are many pool owners throughout Atlanta, Peachtree City, and all over Georgia that opt for underwater lighting for safety reasons, better visibility, and aesthetics. One of the questions you have to ask yourself is why you want pool lighting. The second is what you want that lighting to look like? Once you have your answers, there are at least five other questions you need to ask.

Why   Do I Need Pool Lighting?

Lighting your pool enables you to use your pool at night. It also looks great. You can have colored LED lights integrated into the pool so that you can have a certain aesthetic appeal. Night swimming is a great experience and integrating pool lighting can make night swims a lot of fun. You are also given a higher degree of safety, especially if you have little ones swimming with you at night. You get better visibility.

I Already Have a Pool, Can I Get Lights?

Yes, it is possible to get new l Lights installed in your existing pool. While the lights can be installed during pool construction, you will be amazed to know that you can change out existing lights or add new ones.

How Much Lighting Do I Need?

This depends on the type of light you want. If the lights are the smaller LED lights, then more lights will be needed. Your pool contractor can tell you how many lights you need based on pool size and design.

What Are My Lighting Options?

LED is very popular because of its high degree of illumination and because they are energy efficient. Fiber optic is also popular and incandescent lighting still has its place. When comparing the life of a LED bulb to incandescent and fiber optic, LED gives you 30,000 hours of light, incandescent 5,000 hours, and fiber optic 6,000 hours. If you don’t want to have to replace lights often, then LED may be what you want to go with.

Contact An Experienced Pool Builder

To get the answers to all of your questions, Shane LeBlanc can help you. As an experienced Georgia pool designer and builder, he has experience with the different types of lights and their advantages. Call today at 678-519-1501 for a free consult.

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